All of the clinicians at Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC are highly-skilled and well-trained. Each clinician offers services according to his or her area of expertise. Our clinicians seek out additional training and continuing education opportunities on an ongoing and regular basis. Click below to learn more about each of our clinicians.

“People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”

– Paulo coelho, the alchemist
Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D. – Neuropsychologist, Certified school psychologist, owner

Dr. Rosemarie Manfredi is a neuropsychologist and the owner of Neurodevelopmental Assessment and Consulting, LLC. Dr. Manfredi provides diagnostic, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological evaluations for ages 2.5 and up, specializing in neurological, cognitive, and emotional impacts on learning and development. She also provides therapy services, both virtually and in-person, for highly-motivated and invested adults. Her therapy and counseling approach is guided by the philosophy of accompanying you on a journey to achieve your goals and live a life that is fulfilling and satisfying to you. Her goal is to help develop self-awareness and insight so that you can make decisions with clarity and take action with intention and purpose. Her approach is collaborative, flexible, and active, and designed to be short-term in nature. She takes a holistic view and integrates elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology in her therapeutic approach.

Gary Beard, ph.d. – licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist

Dr. Gary Beard joins Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC with over 40 years of experience as a school psychologist. Dr. Beard earned his doctoral degree in educational/school psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM); he also completed Ph.D.-level coursework in the professional psychology program at St. John’s University, has a professional diploma in school psychology from Seton Hall University, and completed a master’s degree in school psychology at St. John’s University. He has extensive experience providing psychotherapy/counseling, diagnostic/evaluation, and school-based consultation services. At Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC, Dr. Beard is available to provide counseling and therapy services to children, teens, and young adults; parent consultations; and school-based consultations. He is particularly interested in working with teens and young adults with neurodevelopmental conditions transitioning to more independence in their daily living.

Daniel cherry, M.A. – PA and Nj certified school psychologist

Mr. Cherry is a certified school psychologist in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He received his master’s degree and school psychology certification from The Graduate School at Montclair State University. He previously worked for various school districts and early intervention programs in NJ. He has also worked implementing behavioral support and intervention programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. He currently works as a school psychologist at E.T. Richardson Middle School in Springfield, PA. Mr. Cherry has experience providing psychoeducational evaluations, as well as developing and implementing behavioral interventions. He has particular expertise and interest in working with individuals who identify along the LGBTQ spectrum. He works well with middle and high school age children, as well as providing behavioral consultations to parents.

D’Anne lewis, m.s., ncsp. – Nationally certified school psychologist

Ms. Lewis is a nationally-certified school psychologist, with experience in public and private schools, providing both evaluation and therapy/counseling services. She also has experience as a behavior specialist, conducting applied behavior analysis (ABA) programs for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). She is bilingual and able to provide services in both Spanish and English. At Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC, she provides
therapy/counseling services, psychoeducational evaluations, independent educational evaluations (IEEs), and functional behavior assessments (FBAs), in both Spanish and English. She is working on obtaining her certification in trauma and is in the process of obtaining her school psychologist certification in PA.

Jennifer mclaren, psy.d., ncsp – licensed psychologist, certified school psychologist (nationally and PA)

Dr. McLaren is a licensed and certified school psychologist, with particular expertise in the evaluation of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other mental health issues in children (starting at 18 months of age), teens, and young adults. Previously, she worked in a number of roles, including as the Director of Admissions, Outpatient Services, and Evaluations for the Center for Autism; as a school psychologist for Green Tree School and Services; and as a contracted school psychologist and evaluator for several specialized schools or wraparound programs. At Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC, Dr. McLaren provides diagnostic evaluations, psychoeducational evaluations, independent educational evaluations (IEEs), basic adult disability evaluations, school consultations, and therapy services. For therapy and counseling cases, Dr. McLaren specializes in ADHD/executive functioning issues, learning differences/disabilities, autism spectrum disorders (children, teens, and young adults), teenage psychosis, individuals with significant cognitive
and/or language impairments, special needs parent training/family adjustment, social skills training, obsessive-compulsive disorder, teens with depression/anxiety, and resiliency.