When should I seek an evaluation for myself or my child?

Please see Dr. Manfredi’s blog post on when to seek an evaluation for yourself or your child. You may also find Dr. Manfredi’s post¬†and video on the differences between public and private evaluations helpful, as well. In summary, the following symptoms and situations may suggest a need for an evaluation:

The following symptoms may suggest a need for an evaluation: difficulties in learning; not achieving expected levels of progress; problems with attention and concentration; weak organizational skills; missing/delayed developmental milestones; delays in communication or social skills; poor behavioral or emotional regulation; memory difficulties; a major change in mood, behavior or learning; or difficulties getting along with others.

The following situations may suggest a need for an evaluation: special education eligibility, need for accommodations on standardized testing, need for accommodations in college or in the workplace, guardianship determination, disability determination, educational/treatment planning, diagnostic clarification, starting a career or educational program, or changing a career or educational program.

How soon can I come in for an evaluation?

Consultation appointments are generally available within 1-2 weeks. Because of the amount of time required for each evaluation appointment, they are typically available in 6-8 weeks from the time you call. Please note that certain times of the year are busier and may have longer wait times, while less busy times may have shorter wait times. Our wait times are much shorter than many hospital and medical-based practices. Reports are typically available 2-3 weeks after all testing has been completed.

Does the practice accept insurance?

Dr. Manfredi is an in-network provider with CareBridge EAP and Quest Behavioral Health only. Our clinicians are not in-network with any other health insurance plans at this time. If your plan has out-of-network reimbursement, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement according to the specific requirements and coverage limitations of your plan. Our office can provide you with a billing statement that includes all procedural and diagnostic codes that can be submitted for reimbursement. If you would like assistance with applying for out-of-network reimbursement, our office recommends using Reimbursify. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell what your potential reimbursement might be, as this depends on multiple factors related to your specific health insurance plan (e.g., deductibles, coverage limitations, insurance plan reimbursement rates, and co-insurance or cost-sharing factors).

Please note that career assessments/consultations, educational evaluations, disability evaluations, school meetings/observations, or evaluations for forensic purposes are not eligible for reimbursement through health insurance, as they do not meet medical necessity criteria.

Am I able to use EAP benefits at the practice?

Dr. Rosemarie Manfredi is credentialed with Carebridge EAP. If your employer offers EAP services through Carebridge, please contact your HR department for a referral to our practice. All EAP referrals must be arranged through Carebridge; our office cannot accept EAP referrals directly from clients/patients.

Does the practice offer sliding scale fees?

For those experiencing financial hardship, Dr. Manfredi participates in Open Path Collective. As such, Dr. Manfredi offers a limited number of reduced-fee therapy and counseling appointments ($60/session) to Open Path members. Please contact the office to determine if there are Open Path appointments available.

Our postdoctoral fellow is available to provide diagnostic and neuropsychological evaluations for adults (ages 18+) at a reduced rate. Our licensed clinicians all offer flat rates for psychological, educational, or neuropsychological assessment and evaluation services. By offering a flat rate fee for evaluations, our office provides transparency and predictability in pricing. We allow assessment and evaluation fees to be divided into two payments (50% at the first visit and 50% when the evaluation is concluded). If you require reduced-fee psychological assessment services, there are a number of local doctoral training programs that offer psychological testing administered by advanced doctoral students under the supervision of licensed psychologists.