Brief, focused evaluations to determine whether a specific mental health condition is present. The evaluation typically includes a comprehensive clinical interview and several measures or rating scales designed to assess for a particular condition.

This evaluation is best suited for preschool children, school-age children who have recently had a psychoeducational evaluation and need a specific diagnostic assessment, or those looking to determine whether a suspected diagnosis is present to facilitate treatment planning. Because this evaluation is limited in scope, recommendations and the ability to rule-out other conditions may also be limited.

Typically requires 3-4 hours of testing with the patient. Cost of these evaluations varies:

  • Autism spectrum disorder diagnostic evaluation (ages 1.5-17): $1800
  • Autism spectrum disorder diagnostic evaluation (ages 18+): $2250
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic evaluation (ages 4-17): $1800
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder diagnostic evaluation (ages 18+): $2250
  • Hourly testing rate for other conditions: $275/hour with a school psychologist, $300/hour with a neuropsychologist