Career Assessments

A focused evaluation that consists of a series of work samples designed to identify strengths and skills applicable to a variety of careers and an assessment of vocational interests. Performance on these work samples and interest inventories can assist in identifying specific career fields and roles that align with a person’s skills, abilities, and interests. As a Highlands Certified Consultant, Dr. Manfredi uses the Highlands Ability Battery, which is based on the Highlands Whole Person Model of career development as the basis for her career assessment and consultation services.

This evaluation is for individuals ages 16 and up. It can be added onto other evaluations or completed as a standalone assessment. Career assessments can be especially helpful for:

  • Students just beginning to explore possible career fields or majors
  • Young adults looking for guidance and direction for their careers
  • Working adults wondering if their current job or role is a good fit with their unique abilities, interests, skills, and values
  • Career changers at any life stage
  • Experienced professionals and leaders looking to redefine their roles and responsibilities to better align with their values, interests, and abilities

While career assessments can be helpful in any of the above situations, Dr. Manfredi is unique in the career assessment field in that she can apply her knowledge of neurodevelopmental disorders to an understanding of career choices, when relevant. Watch Dr. Manfredi speak about The Highlands Whole Person Model and Highlands Ability Battery here.

This evaluation is comprised of 3-4 hours of work samples and interest inventories that are completed remotely and at your convenience (they can be broken up into multiple sessions and do not need to be completed at the same time). Once all work samples have been completed, a 2-hour review session with Dr. Manfredi is scheduled. This review session can be completed virtually or in-person. Cost of this evaluation: $600. Book an appointment now. All career assessments are conducted by Rosemarie Manfredi, Psy.D.

Personal Vision Coaching

Dr. Manfredi is also a certified consultant for the Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program, a holistic, individualized, in-depth program designed to create a personal and career vision. The DWYT program is an 8-session program that follows completion of the Highlands Ability Battery. Purchase the HAB and the DWYT coaching program together and get a reduced rate:

Individual Career Assessment: $600

DWYT Coaching Program: $1480

Individual Career Assessment and Coaching Program bundle: $2000 (save $80!) 

  • Available for clients who complete the HAB with Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC and enroll in the DWYT Coaching Program within 3 months of completing the HAB.