Early in the morning of June 11, 2023, a fire caused the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 to completely collapse near the Cottman Avenue exit, while the southbound lanes buckled and are structurally unstable. As a result of this major roadway collapse, Interstate 95 is now closed in both directions between Woodhaven Road and Aramingo Ave indefinitely. It is expected to take months or more to repair this major highway. Since our office is located near the incident, we expect several potential complications for clients coming for in-person appointments:

  • Since all traffic will be diverted off of I-95 south at Woodhaven Road, which is near our office, we expect the immediate vicinity of our office (Woodhaven Road, Knights Road, Street Road, Route 1/Roosevelt Boulevard) to be highly congested. Please leave extra time when coming to an appointment at our office.
  • For those traveling to our office from points north on Interstate 95 south, you should still be able to exit at the Street Road exit. However, expect delays in the immediate vicinity (as described above).
  • For those traveling to our office on the PA Turnpike or Route 1, the Street Road exit remains open and is quite close to our office. However, expect delays and congestion.
  • For those traveling from Philadelphia and points south, Route 1/Roosevelt Boulevard is an alternate route, though heavy congestion is expected. You may also be able to cross over into NJ via the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman bridges and take 295 or Route 130 north and cross back after passing the damaged area. Expect significant delays and leave a lot of extra time.
  • For therapy appointments, you can switch to a virtual appointment if needed. To change your appointment to virtual, please call or text (215) 515-2388 and we can make that change.
  • For evaluation appointments, we can conduct initial interview appointments and feedback sessions virtually if needed, though testing still needs to be done in-person. We can try to adjust the start time of your in-person testing appointment (based on availability) so that you can travel at a less congested time when feasible. Call or text our office at (215) 515-2388 and we will try to accommodate you.
  • In-person meetings, school observations, or other off-site services may be canceled or postponed if the travel time required for our staff will be excessive. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis and as additional information becomes available.

For more information about detours and alternative routes, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website here. This website will also provide updated information as it becomes available.