Our clinicians offer a range of consultation services to individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and their families, other professionals, and organizations. The following are common consultation services offered:

Professional Consultation: Consultation with other practitioners or organizations. Consultations include, but are not limited to, consultation regarding diagnosis and assessment, assessment-based service delivery and clinical practice, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), accommodations for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders in educational and work settings, program development and evaluation, and staff training. Rate: $135/hour.

Documentation Review and Consultation: Our clinicians are available to review IEPs, previous evaluations, and other relevant medical and educational documentation and make clinical recommendations. Rate: $250/hour for review of materials and consultation.

Forensic Documentation Review and Consultation: Dr. Manfredi is available to review clinical documentation for legal/forensic cases, disability reviews, or other matters. Please contact the office to discuss further. Rate: varies, depending on the nature of the review.

All of these services can be completed in-person or virtually. Book an appointment online now.