Revised Safety Protocols for In-Office Visits

Updated May 17, 2021 Our office recognizes the CDC’s recent guidance on lifting mask restrictions for vaccinated individuals. However, as a healthcare setting that serves many individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to age or health condition, as well as many individuals with underlying health conditions that may be more vulnerable to the effects of…

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Optimizing Learning Part 2: Establishing Structure and Routines

Part 2 in a series of strategies to enhance and optimize learning, whether virtual, in-person, or a combination Click here to view this article on Medium.

Optimizing Learning Part 1: Creating the Space to Learn

Part 1 in a series of strategies to enhance and optimize learning, whether virtual, in-person, or a combination Click here to view this blog post on Medium.

The Power of Breaks

Often overlooked and under-rated, breaks are a critical and essential component of reaching your potential Breaks are an extremely important, though often undervalued, component of education, work, and mental health. Far too often, “being productive” is viewed as constant busy-ness, an immediate response to any issue that comes up (regardless of urgency or importance), and…

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Office Re-Opening Procedures in the COVID-19 Era

Effective June 5, 2020; Most Recent Update January 12, 2021 The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. In order to continue to serve our clients and patients, Neurodevelopmental Assessment & Consulting, LLC has put…

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Moving out of apathy, anxiety, and stress and into focused intention and clarity Feeling overwhelmed is a common experience for most people. Whether you are trying to start a new project, achieve a goal, or just survive the daily activities during a pandemic, you’ve more than likely experienced the state of overwhelm. In this state,…

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Career Decisions During Uncertain Times

What if you could make career decisions with intentionality and clarity, even in uncertain economic times? Or re-evaluate and redesign your career to better align with your values, interests, strengths, and abilities? Or find a career field that matches your unique skills and abilities, even if you have a learning disability, attention problem, or other…

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Practice Updates Related to COVID-19 Outbreak

Update April 3, 2020 Our office may be closed to in-person appointments, but Dr. Manfredi is available for limited virtual evaluation and consultation services, including ASD and ADHD diagnostic evaluations, screening evaluations, career assessments, and consultation services, including IEP/documentation reviews and virtual consultation meetings. Additionally, Dr. Manfredi is looking forward to completing additional training in order…

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What is “Educational Autism?”

Recently, I’ve been hearing the term “educational autism” floating around. It has been used by parents, school professionals, and other clinicians. Most often, there is confusion surrounding the term and no one knows what it means. The reason there is such confusion is that “educational autism” is not really a “thing;” my best understanding of…

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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Extended Time for Attention Problems

Extended time is one of the most common accommodations given to individuals with attention problems. It is usually granted on the assumption that the person is easily distracted when completing tasks and, therefore, needs a longer time to complete them. While this assumption may be true for some people with attention problems, it is not true…

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