The Power of Breaks

Often overlooked and under-rated, breaks are a critical and essential component of reaching your potential Breaks are an extremely important, though often undervalued, component of education, work, and mental health. Far too often, “being productive” is viewed as constant busy-ness, an immediate response to any issue that comes up (regardless of urgency or importance), and…

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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Extended Time for Attention Problems

Extended time is one of the most common accommodations given to individuals with attention problems. It is usually granted on the assumption that the person is easily distracted when completing tasks and, therefore, needs a longer time to complete them. While this assumption may be true for some people with attention problems, it is not true…

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When Working Hard Doesn’t Work for Learning

Hard work is a value that is often celebrated and rewarded in American culture. The notion that anyone can do anything that they want as long as they work hard is an ingrained belief for American society. But what happens when working hard simply isn’t working? Many children and adults with learning or developmental differences…

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When to Consider a Psychoeducational or Neuropsychological Evaluation for your Child

Parents of children with special needs or those facing behavioral or emotional challenges are often told to have their children “evaluated.” Similarly, adults with learning differences or challenges, neurological injuries or illnesses, or behavioral and emotional concerns may be told to get an “evaluation.” But what will an evaluation tell you about your child (or…

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